Governance and Financials

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a “soft money” institution dedicated to research, education and enterprise in ocean sciences. The Laboratory is organized as a private non-profit corporation 501(c)(3) exclusively for charitable scientific purposed including research, education, and the promotion and use of knowledge relating to ocean sciences. More information about the Laboratory’s organization can be found in our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

The Laboratory is governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by a President and CEO and her executive team and the Senior Research Scientist committee structure. Our principal scientists are self-funded through research awards. Federal, state, and private foundation research grants support laboratory operations and administration such that the Laboratory currently employs about 90 people, augmented by interns and volunteers.


Board of Trustees

  • Bill Burgess, Chair
  • Robert Gagosian, PhD, Vice Chair
  • Tom Allen, JD
  • Wesley Benbow
  • Stewart Bither
  • Priscilla Brooks
  • Barbara Burgess
  • Michael Conathan
  • Marion Flores
  • John Heyl
  • Marion Howard
  • Judith Kildow, PhD
  • Arthur Martinez
  • Ronald Newbower, PhD
  • Brigitta Tadmor, PhD
  • Anna Marie Thron
  • Wendy Wolf, MD, MPH

Trustees' Advisory Board

  • Jon Bigelow
  • David Brooks, PhD
  • Endicott "Chip" Davison
  • James Ecker
  • Christopher Flower
  • Jack Fulmer, MD
  • Kim Hamilton, PhD
  • Peter Handy
  • Robert Healing
  • Tim Hodgdon
  • Randall Jeffery
  • David Koris
  • Senator George Mitchell
  • Richard Mitterling
  • Penny Paquette
  • Chester "Chet" Shuman
  • Maureen Stancik Boyce, PhD
  • Barbara "Bobbie" Sweet
  • Martin Tendler

Distinguished Founders

  • Charles Yentsch, PhD †
  • Clarice Yentsch, PhD

Presidents Emeriti

  • Louis E. Sage, PhD
  • Graham Shimmield †

Trustees Emeriti

  • Spencer Apollonio
  • Thomas Berry, Esq.
  • Louise Bowditch
  • Donna Cheney
  • David Coit
  • James Draper, PhD
  • Christopher Flower
  • Robert Healing
  • Russell Jeppesen
  • Steve Malcom
  • Richard Morrell
  • Helen Norton
  • Herb Paris
  • Richard Rubin

Financial Statements

For additional information, please contact the Chief Financial Officer

Governance Documents