Priscilla Brooks, PhD

About Priscilla Brooks

Priscilla Brooks is Vice President and Director of Ocean Conservation at the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF). The mission of CLF’s Ocean Conservation Program is to restore and protect New England’s ocean environment and promote resiliency in the face of a changing climate. Priscilla’s work focuses on the four primary goals: (1) rebuilding depleted fish populations; (2) protecting and rebuilding the North Atlantic right whale population; (3) protecting marine biodiversity and ocean habitat through the implementation of marine protected areas; and (4) development of comprehensive marine spatial plans for the management of New England’s ocean waters. CLF ( is a member-supported non-profit environmental advocacy organization whose mission is to protect New England’s environment for the benefit of all people. For nearly her entire life Priscilla has been fascinated by the ocean and the wildlife that call it home as well as the people and businesses that make their living on and from sea. Prior to joining CLF, Priscilla logged thousands of miles as crew aboard the sailing school/oceanographic research vessels of Sea Education Association in the North Atlantic and Caribbean as well as with the University of Massachusetts aboard their geological research vessel in Northern Labrador and on a small party fishing boat out of southern Maine. She serves as a member of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment, the Rhode Island Habitat Advisory Council and the Massachusetts Ocean Science Advisory Council. She is also a board member of Women Working for Oceans. Priscilla received her B.S. in Communications from Cornell University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in marine resource economics from the University of Rhode Island. She is lucky enough to live along the magnificent Great Marsh north of Boston with her husband and two kids.