R/V Clarice Reservation Center

The Research Vessel Clarice

R/V Clarice is a 26-foot Maycraft Pilothouse with a 300HP Yamaha four-stroke outboard on an Armstrong bracket which allows for greater open deck space. Ideal for diving and other small crew science operations with some limited hauling and towing capability, Clarice is a fast and stable platform for inshore work and can also be trailered between Casco and Penobscot Bays.

Questions : Contact Bigelow Marine Ops Coordinator, David Drapeau: ddrapeau@bigelow.org for questions. For scheduling and to initiate a reservation please use this form. For changes to the schedule please contact the Marine Ops coordinator, David Drapeau or click the "Edit Submission" link in your Reservation Confirmation email.

Governance: Marine Ops Committee, Bigelow Marine Ops Coordinator is David Drapeau

Project Rates:

R/V Clarice uses a la carte billing model. You are expected to bring the boat back topped off with fuel. You may bill the gas receipts back to the R/V Clarice project (108000) but, please follow-up with the business office on which cruise plan will receive the gas charges. Internal bills will be completed within a week of the cruise.



Safety: Please read Bigelow's Boating Safety and Operating Policy before completing your reservation.

Captain and Crew: Every voyage must have at least 1, preferably 2 competent adults onboard. One of these adults must be a Bigelow certified Captain that is signed off by the Bigelow Marine Ops Coordinator. The Captain of the boat is in charge of every cruise and is the authority. The Captain is responsible for the ship, crew, equipment and passengers.

The following personnel are eligible Captains to request: Actual Captain is based on availability and discretion of the scheduler but, your preference is noted.

  • David Drapeau
  • Adam Smart
  • Chris Salatino
  • Peter Craig


Passenger Waiver Release Required for all passengers not employed by Bigelow Laboratory

Reservation Calendar: Please confirm availability on the calendar and use the form below to request a booking.

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