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Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a nonprofit research institute that studies the marine life and ocean processes that drive life on Earth. Most of the organisms we study are microscopic in size, but they have an enormous influence on the health of our oceans and our planet.

We conduct research in every ocean, from the surface to the sediment. Our discoveries solve ocean mysteries and fuel new applications that target the biggest challenges and opportunities of the sea.

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Below are some of our recent press releases and publications. Our scientists are available for interviews on all the topics covered here and many other ocean issues. For the fastest response, we suggest all media inquiries start with our Chief Communications Officer, Steven Profaizer. He will help connect you with the most relevant scientists not currently working in the field.

If you prefer to contact our scientists directly, please copy Steven, as he can still help ensure we deliver the most helpful and timely support for your story.

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Latest Publications

In addition to the regular news stories that we share each month, we produce several print and electronic publications throughout the year. Our biannual magazine features in-depth coverage of the latest happening in our ocean research around the globe, and our Impact Report shares an annual snapshot of the impact we have had through the help of our generous supporters.

Recent Press Releases

New Gift Advances Major Bigelow Laboratory Expansion
A gift from the William Procter Scientific Innovation Fund is helping move forward Bigelow Laboratory’s new center for ocean education and innovation, which will revolutionize the institute’s education and solutions-focused work.

New Approach Enables Deep-Sea Research on Fragile Animals
Senior Research Scientist John Burns is part of a multi-institution team using quantitative imaging technology and an innovative robotic device to identify and describe fragile deep-sea animals.

Scientists Test Out New Method for IDing Small Microplastics
Despite growing concern, scientists have struggled to study the impact and prevalence of the smallest microplastics. But an innovative new approach could help researchers rapidly count and characterize these particles in aquatic systems.

Government Leaders Gather to Break Ground on Bigelow Laboratory Expansion
Over 200 supporters, Maine’s governor, and several members of the state’s congressional delegation gathered in East Boothbay to break ground on a new center for ocean education and innovation.

Study Highlights Importance of Mineral Iron in the Ocean
New research by an international team of scientists, including one from Bigelow Laboratory, improves our understanding of the iron cycle, with important implications for how biological productivity in the ocean might change in the future.