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Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a nonprofit research institute that studies the marine life and ocean processes that drive life on Earth. Most of the organisms we study are microscopic in size, but they have an enormous influence on the health of our oceans and our planet.

We conduct research in every ocean, from the surface to the sediment. Our discoveries solve ocean mysteries and fuel new applications that target the biggest challenges and opportunities of the sea.

Our Scientists are Here to Help

Below are some of our recent press releases and publications. Our scientists are available for interviews on all the topics covered here and many other ocean issues. For the fastest response, we suggest all media inquiries start with our Chief Communications Officer, Steven Profaizer. He will help connect you with the most relevant scientists not currently working in the field.

If you prefer to contact our scientists directly, please copy Steven, as he can still help ensure we deliver the most helpful and timely support for your story.

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Latest Publications

In addition to the regular news stories that we share each month, we produce several print and electronic publications throughout the year. Our biannual magazine features in-depth coverage of the latest happening in our ocean research around the globe, and our Impact Report shares an annual snapshot of the impact we have had through the help of our generous supporters.

Recent Press Releases

Study Illuminates Cues Algae Use to ‘Listen’ to their Environment
Research shows how a small group of single-celled algae use chemical cues to communicate stress information. Understanding this ability, once thought to be unique to plants, helps illuminate the complex evolutionary history of algae.

Bigelow Laboratory Celebrates 50 Years
July 1 marks the 50th anniversary since the institute’s founding in 1974. The anniversary will kick off a year of celebrations, looking back at the innovations the institute has enabled and ahead to what it will accomplish over the next 50 years.

Café Sci Program Kicks Off on July 16 at Boothbay Opera House
Café Sci is a fun, free way to engage with ocean researchers on critical issues. The four-week series, celebrating the institute’s 50th anniversary and looking ahead to the future, takes place at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays in Boothbay Harbor.

Bigelow Laboratory Hosts Free Documentary Screening
Vice President for Research Beth Orcutt will host a free screening in Rockland on July 24 of the new documentary “Deep Rising,” which dives into the emerging deep-sea mining industry and its potential risks to the ocean and planet.

Institute Launches New Maine-Based Testing for PFAS
Bigelow Laboratory is now just one of three state-certified Maine laboratories offering testing for PFAS chemicals, an important service to understand the prevalence of these pollutants and give communities the data they need to address them.