microscopic organism

Our Focus

Wondrous and complex, the ocean relies on key species that drive its health and the global processes that sustain our planet.

We focus on the most critical sea life, and the insights they offer to some of the greatest issues of our time. Many of these organisms are microscopic in size, but their global influence is unmatched.

Scuba diver performing an experiment underwater.

Ocean Health and Function

Understanding how the ocean works is essential to caring for it and unlocking its potential. Our work is uncovering the factors that underlie a healthy ocean, and unraveling the myriad ways that challenges to foundational species ripple throughout the entire food web. The latest scientific methods can help us understand the ocean, safeguard its health, and develop the tools and technologies needed to sustainably manage it. This fundamental research is one of the best investments we can make in our future.

Large research vessel in the Arctic.

Our Changing Planet

Climate change threatens the ocean’s ability to clean our atmosphere, feed our growing population, and support our global economy. By targeting the key species that shape these global processes, we’re gaining new insights into how the ocean is changing and how those changes affect all life. This knowledge enables us to help predict and prepare for the challenges ahead. Human activities have put our oceans and our society at risk, but we are helping chart a new course.

Scientist holding a rack of test tubes.

The Ocean’s Potential

New medicines, food sources, technologies, climate change strategies — we are on a worldwide quest for ocean knowledge that can improve the future for all life on the planet. Every drop of seawater contains millions of little-understood microscopic organisms that contain extraordinary insights. We develop and apply cutting-edge techniques to explore new frontiers daily and seek out ways our discoveries can make a difference.