Air-Sea Interactions Laboratory

Senior researcher: Steve Archer

Tracking the exchange of trace gases between the ocean and the atmosphere to understand how marine microbes influence climate

Benthic Marine Ecology Laboratory

Senior researcher: Nichole Price

Diving into the role of ocean warming and acidification in altering benthic seaweed and coral communities and ecosystem functions

Computational Oceanography Laboratory

Senior researcher: Nick Record

Using computer models to understand and forecast ocean ecosystem processes

Deep Biosphere Laboratory

Senior researcher: Beth Orcutt

Exploring the deep-sea for marine microbes involved in breaking down rocks and oil

Ecosystem Resilience Laboratory

Senior researcher: Douglas Rasher

Revealing the interactions among species and human activities that keep ecosystems healthy

Geomicrobiology Laboratory

Senior researcher: David Emerson

Understanding the role of iron-oxidizing, rust-producing microbes in the environment

Harmful Algal Bloom Laboratory

Senior researcher: Steve Archer

Investigating the causes and impacts of harmful algal blooms and potential ways to manage and mitigate their effects.

Marine Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

Senior researcher: Christoph Aeppli

Using chemistry to understand how marine microbes determine the fate of organic compounds such as oil

Marine Optics and Remote Sensing Laboratory

Senior researcher: Catherine Mitchell

Using satellites to study marine environments

Marine Virology Laboratory

Senior researcher: Joaquín Martínez Martínez

Uncovering how viruses infect hosts and affect marine ecosystem function

Microbiology and Parasitology Laboratory

Senior researcher: José Antonio Fernández-Robledo

Understanding disease-causing parasites of mollusks and their implications in aquaculture and biotechnology.

Microbial Ecology Laboratory

Senior researcher: Pete Countway

Tracking marine microbes, including those that cause harmful blooms, through their genes and genomes

Ocean Observing and Optics Laboratory

Senior researcher: Barney Balch

Tracking how microbes at the base of the marine food web that are responsible for trapping carbon dioxide in shells vary over space and time

Phytoplankton Ecology Laboratory

Senior researcher: Michael Lomas

Documenting how microbial plankton diversity impacts carbon capture in the ocean under climate change and ocean acidification pressures

Quantitative Marine Disease Ecology Lab

Senior researcher: Maya Groner

Exploring the drivers and outcomes of host-pathogen interactions in fished, farmed,and wild marine organisms

Single Cell Genomics Center

Senior researcher: Ramunas Stepanauskas

Unlocking the genomic secrets of marine microbes, one cell at a time

Trace Metal Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Senior researcher: Ben Twining

Finding the links between metals and microbial life in the ocean

Zooplankton Physiology and Sensory Ecology Laboratory

Senior researcher: David Fields

Probing the role of microscopic animal plankton in marine food webs and carbon cycling