Media Coverage Highlights


  • Maine Seaweed Company Bids for More Growth, Signs Deal with Business Backed by Celebrity Chef Oct 3, 2022Portland Press Herald
  • Testing the Waters: Tracing the Movement of PFAS Into Waterways and Wildlife Oct 2, 2022The Maine Monitor
  • Kelp Could Play a Crucial Role in Trapping Carbon Emissions From our Atmosphere Sep 26, 2022News Center Maine
  • Looking to the Seas for Feed Sep 20, 2022Country Folks
  • Maine's Role in the Future of the Global Seaweed Industry Sep 7, 2022Maine Public
  • Nugget the Cow: Seaweed-Munching Bovine Chews on Solution to Methane Problem Aug 18, 2022The Providence Journal
  • Tiny Glowing Fish is Full of Antifreeze to Help it Survive Greenland's Icy Waters Aug 17, 2022CNN
  • A Year In, Progress Is Slow in Development of the Deep-Sea Mining Code Aug 11, 2022Hakai Magazine
  • Changes in Gulf of Maine May Endanger Lucrative Fish Stocks, Experts Say July 28, 2022UPI
  • Bigelow Laboratory Holds Open House July 20, 2022Boothbay Register
  • Researchers Study Temperature Impacts on Lobster Larvae July 8, 2022News Center Maine
  • The Gulf of Maine's Phytoplankton Growth Is Slowing. That Could Have Effects Up The Food Chain June 20, 2022Maine Public
  • 65% Drop In Marine Organism Production Could Lead To Maine Fishery LossesJune 8, 2022MaineBiz
  • Endangered Whale Numbers May Be Stabilizing After Some Bad Years, But Their Future Remains UncertainJune 7, 2022Maine Public
  • Data Reveal 20-Year Transformation of Gulf of MaineJune 7,
  • Cyanobacteria Outbreak Observed On Damariscotta LakeJune 7, 2022Boothbay Register
  • Phytoplankton Productivity Down In Gulf of Maine June 5, 2022NASA Earth Observatory
  • In Sediments Below Antarctic Ice, Scientists Discover a Giant Groundwater SystemMay 5, 2022ScienceDaily
  • The Ocean Is Still Sucking Up Carbon—Maybe More Than We ThinkMay 3, 2022Eos
  • Cow Burps Drive Global Warming. Scientists Think Feeding Them Seaweed Could Help April 22, 2022WBUR Boston
  • The Gulf of Maine’s First Massive Red Tide Stunned Coastal Mainers April 18, 2022Down East Magazine
  • Climate Change May be Drawing Right Whales Out of the Gulf of Maine March 28, 2022News Center Maine
  • 2021 Was the Gulf of Maine’s Warmest Year on Record, Scientists Report March 28, 2022Portland Press Herald
  • New Research Finds Plankton May Have Unexpected Resilience to Warming Ocean Waters March 22, 2022Maine Public
  • Cows and Carbon: How a Pinch of Seaweed a Day could Keep the Methane Away March 16, 2022culture
  • Can Small Seaweed Farms Help Kelp Scale Up? March 16, 2022Civil Eats
  • Study: Microbial Life Helps Warming Ocean Adapt March 14, 2022Scienmag
  • Tracking the Effects of an Eelgrass Epidemic March 03, 2022Hakai Magazine
  • Seagrasses Continue to Emit Methane Decades After Death Feb 22, 2022The Scientist
  • A Big Climate Warning from One of the Gulf of Maine’s Smallest Marine Creatures Feb 15, 2022The Equation
  • Bigelow Laboratory Appoints New Board Members Jan 11, 2022Boothbay Register
  • A New Art Installation Illustrates a Changing Gulf of Maine January 6, 2022 Maine Magazine
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