Core Values

At Bigelow Laboratory, we use innovative approaches to unlock the incredible opportunity of the ocean. All our work is guided by a set of shared values that define our unique approach.

  • We believe that transformative science is like great art and thrives in an environment where creativity is valued and scientists are continually challenged.
  • We continually strive to find ways our science can be utilized to benefit society.
  • We recognize that any science will only reach its full potential if it leverages tools and ideas from other disciplines.
  • We invest in basic research and recognize its proven value in long-term discovery and progress.
  • We are nimble and do not allow process or precedent to hinder the best possible science.
  • We believe there is power in embracing the full diversity of humanity to advance science and are committed to supporting each other as individuals worthy of respect.
  • We encourage every person, in every position, to continually learn, improve, and innovate.
  • We embrace our students’ ability to challenge our perceptions and strive to empower our students to think critically and aim high.
  • We clearly and broadly communicate our findings and their importance.
  • We accept risk and believe that if we never fail, we aren’t reaching high enough!