Marine Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

In the Marine Environmental Chemistry Laboratory, we study the fate and potential effects of pollutants in the ocean. We focus on how oil hydrocarbons (oil spill research) and PFAS (‘forever chemicals’). We use laboratory experiments, analytical chemistry, computational tools, and field measurements to understand processes that affect the distribution, bioaccumulation, or transformation of pollutants. We also provide analytical services (PAH analysis and other oil properties; PFAS analysis in water, tissue, and sediment) for research or commercial customers (contact Christoph Aeppli ( for detail). Our current research projects include:
  • Mechanism of Oil Photochemistry: Using laboratory experiment and analytical tools to determine the mechanism and products of oil transformation by sunlight.
  • Impact of Oil Photooxidation on Bioaccumulation: Investigating how oil photooxidation changes the bioaccumulation and potentially toxicity of residual oil.
  • PFAS Bioaccumulation: Using laboratory experiment to determine PFAS and bioaccumulation.
  • PFAS in the Environment: Determining sources and inputs of PFAS in estuaries.

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    Former Group Members

  • Manoj Rayaroth
  • Brian DiMento
  • Deedar Nabi

Research Technicians/Associates
  • Erin Beirne
  • Sam Katz
  • Phoebe Keyes
  • Bennett Greenwood

Undergraduate Interns (Summer and semester students)
  • 2023: Jahlen Pinelo, Leslie Palmer, Tory Meringer, Juvelisse Medrano
  • 2022: Sophia Riazi-Sekowski
  • 2021: Hannah Sterling, Elizabeth Westbrook. Erin Coughlin
  • 2020: Elizabeth Westbrook, Cameron Carlson (remote internship)
  • 2019: Anna Zeleny, Cristina Tusei
  • 2018: Haining Chen, Phoebe Keyes, Tom Regan, Anna Van Dreser
  • 2017: Nina Forziati
  • 2016: Amanda Herzog, Jarred Wang
  • 2015: Sam Katz
  • 2014: Max Findely, Allison Sharrer