Benthic Marine Ecology Lab

Current Research Projects

2016-2018 NSF OCE "Epidemiology and spatial ecology of a tropical coralline fungal disease in the face of ocean warming and acidification"

2015-2016 TNC "Eelgrass restoration in Casco Bay"

2015-2016 USFWS "Monitoring temperature on Central Pacific reefs"

2014-2016 NSF OCE RIG “Canary on the coral reef: ecophysiology of tropical crustose coralline algae across latitudinal gradients”

2013-2016 NSF OCE OA “Collaborative research: Quantifying the potential for biogeochemical feedbacks to create 'refugia' from ocean acidification on tropical coral reefs”

Select Previous Research Projects

2012-2014 CA Seagrant “Response of calcified and fleshy macroalgae to warming and ocean acidification: from single species to community interactions”

2010-2013 GBMF “Observations and modeling of carbon system dynamics at Palmyra Atoll: In support of the development of management strategies for ocean acidification impacts in the tropics”