Steve Archer, PhD

Senior Research Scientist
Bigelow Analytical Services Director
Phone: +1 (207) 315-2567, ext. 314

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Ph.D. Marine Biology and Physiology, University of St. Andrews, UK

B.Sc. Marine Biology, Liverpool University, UK

Research Interests

Stephen Archer is a biogeochemist with a broad interest in the processes that influence the exchange of gases between ocean and atmosphere, and the production and trophic transfer of key compounds within pelagic foodwebs. Despite occurring at very low concentrations, trace gases including sulfur, nitrogen and halogen-containing compounds, are sufficiently reactive to influence atmospheric chemistry and therefore climate. Archer's research aims to identify the key processes that dictate the emission of these gases and to understand how their production may alter in the face of environmental change. By focussing on the synthesis and fate of specific compounds we learn a great deal about the processes that govern not only trace gas production but also the transfer of elements and key nutrients within the pelagic ecosysem.



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