Sample Preparation and Shipping

Sample Collection and Storage

Proper sample preparation for flow and imaging cytometry is critical for successful analyses. For standard marine or freshwater flow cytometric analytical services, please refer to our recommended protocols for sample preservation with aldehydes.

When shipping samples to the Aquatic Cytometry Facility, please use FedEx overnight services and send the packages out on a Monday, to ensure that they arrive before the following weekend. Shipping out on a Friday for delivery early the following week is also a good option. Please do not ship during or right before holidays in the US or the country of origin. Please use a styrofoam container enclosed in corrugated packaging (cardboard), and include at least 10 kg (20 lb) dry ice for domestic shipments or 20 kg (40 lb) dry ice for international shipments. Please place cryovials in some small container to protect them from potential mechanical damage during shipping. For large numbers of cyrovials (>50) please store and ship within cyroboxes for organizational purposes. For all packages a detailed sample list is required.

If you are shipping water samples into the United States.

IMPORTANT: Please e-mail parcel tracking number to FCM Director.

Shipping address:

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Attn: Nicole Poulton / Laura Lubelczyk
60 Bigelow Drive
East Boothbay, ME 04544

Phone: +1 207 315 2567 x 513