Center for Algal Innovations

Novel Solutions from the Natural World

From valuable compounds to innovative solutions, we help our clients and partners unlock the potential of marine algae. We do this by pairing cutting-edge science and expertise with intimate knowledge of the world-renowned marine algae collection at Bigelow Laboratory’s National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota (NCMA).

The Center for Algal Innovations was created to help bridge the gap — and lead the way — between promising research and commercialization. Our mission is to accelerate innovation by connecting researchers with entrepreneurs while leveraging the value and genetic resources of the NCMA collection.

We help our customers navigate the research-to-product journey — from identifying strains and compounds of interest, to lab-scale testing and validation, and pilot-scale biomass production and post-processing. We do this in several ways:

Scientific Research

Sustaining corporate-sponsored research and public-private collaborations

Technology and Process Innovation

Developing technology and systems needed to make opportunities a reality

Support Services and Products

Providing world-class, standardized fee-for-use services and products

Training and Professional Development

Hands-on short courses and workshops to get your staff up to speed quickly

Our Customers

Our clients range from entrepreneurs to highly capitalized global businesses and everything in between. We also work with visionary individuals and philanthropic institutions to unlock potential at its earliest stages.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, we look forward to working with you.

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