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Innovation starts with an idea, but it takes scientific research to become a reality. Finding the right partner to help you along that journey can be challenging. The Center for Algal Innovations was created to connect our scientists’ research expertise and experience curating the world’s most genetically diverse collection of marine algae with the people who need it — from academics and entrepreneurs to corporations and public-private collaborations.

Whether you’re coming to algae with a biochemical solution in mind, searching for a compound that can revolutionize your industry, or you’re just looking to explore the value that this burgeoning bioeconomy has to offer, we can help in three key ways:

Consulting on a Choice of Algal Strain

In addition to leveraging our expertise and experience, we can identify possibilities by taking a deep dive into scientific journals and scholarly literature to surface algal candidates based on the function (e.g., anti-inflammatory) or compound (e.g., astaxanthin) of interest.

Bench-scale Biochemical Screening

Once a function or compound has been identified, we can screen our algae collection (over 3,800 strains) for specific functions and conduct chemical identification and analyses for specific compounds. If functions or compounds fall outside our scope, we can leverage our partner network to find potential solutions.

Bench-scale Optimization Research

Once a particular algae or combination of strains are identified (or if you come to us with some already in mind), we can conduct laboratory experiments manipulating most growth conditions over the cell's physiological range to optimize cellular production of the compound or function.

If any of this sounds like a fit for where you’re at in your research journey, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get in touch.

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Microscopy Photos: Peter Countway