Current Projects

  • A saturation approach to microzooplankon grazing rate determination (NSF, 2017-2020, Archer, Poulton).
  • Haloperoxidases and their roles in the surface ocean. (Bigelow Laboratory 2015-ongoing).
  • Expanding the options for monitoring of DSP by promoting the ISSC approval of LC-MS/MS and two rapid screening approaches. (NOAA-PCMHAB 2017-2020; Archer, Macleod (in collaboration with Deeds and Trainer)).
  • Surface exchange of climate-active trace gases in a sea ice environment during MOSAiC (NSF - Award# 1807496, Blomquist (Colorado/NOAA), Helmig (CIRES, Colorado, Archer (Bigelow Laboratory)).
  • Optimizing cost-effective and benchmarked industry standards to quantify nutrient bioextraction by seaweed. (DOE DE-AR0001169 2020 - 2022; Price, Archer, Bronk).
  • A win-win solution: towards more efficient cattle and a cooler climate. (Shelby-Cullom-Davis Foundation, 2019 – 2021, Archer, Price, Emerson, Fernandez -Robledo).
  • Application and testing of a machine learning-based, high resolution, predictive capacity to PST monitoring along the Gulf of Maine coastline. (NOAA-NOS-MERHAB, 2019 – 2022, Archer, Record, Kanwit (Maine DMR), MacLeod (Maine DMR)).