Video Profiles

We are big believers in the power of our Sea Change Semester. Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it. This video series profiles two recent graduates of the program, as well as one of our senior research scientists who has served as an instructor and mentor.

We take great pride in watching our students evolve over the course of the semester. One of the greatest joys, however, is seeing all the different opportunities our Sea Change Semester graduates pursue. Both students profiled below, Sydney Greenlee and Manasi Desai, continued to pursue ocean science — but just as many wind up using what they learned in the program to pursue education and careers in other fields, like medicine and public policy.


From sailing the southern ocean to pursuing a career in science, learn about the academic, scientific, and life experiences that our program put into motion for Ph.D. student and Sea Change Semester graduate Sydney Greenlee.


Hear lab technician and Sea Change Semester graduate Manasi Desai talk about her program experience, from the hands-on experience she gained to the lifelong connections she made with both scientists and fellow students.


Hear what Senior Research Scientist and Sea Change Semester instructor Nick Record has to say about the strengths of our hands-on science and the importance of emergent technologies in the face of a changing climate.