Seafood Science at Work

Researcher holding kelp.

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is an independent, nonprofit marine research institute located on the Damariscotta River in East Boothbay, Maine. For more than 40 years, we have worked to enhance the safety, sustainability, and value of seafood.

Established in 2016, our Center for Seafood Solutions has catalyzed interdisciplinary research at the national and international level, integrated with the regional aquaculture industry, and attracted significant philanthropic funds to address climate change. The Center’s goal is to partner with stakeholders around the globe to put our science to work, helping to feed Earth’s growing population without destroying the oceans.

Through our Center for Venture Research for Seafood Solutions, we are working to:

  • Remediate and mitigate effects of ocean acidification on production and quality
  • Enhance seed production and quality
  • Conduct FDA-approved biotoxin testing
  • Detect heavy metal contaminants and pathogens to ensure product quality
  • Evaluate and strengthen biosecurity to protect aquaculture products
  • Develop ocean-derived livestock feed supplements to reduce methane emissions
  • Raise public awareness of strides in industry development
  • Translate cutting-edge science to close the gap between knowledge and action