About the Center for Aquatic Cytometry

​Jane J. MacIsaac

It does not matter whether the name Janie first reminds you of Janie Dugdale, the gentle and thoughtful person, or Janie MacIsaac, the energetic and accomplished research scientist. The impressions evoked by either name are nothing but the very best. Jane MacIsaac Dugdale, age 41 died October 16, 1982, at the Cancer research Center of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Although diagnosis of the illness was not recent, she and son Alexis were running down Samoset Road chasing the tides of the Sheepscot as recently as this last August. Janie's days at Bigelow Laboratory, from 1976-1979, were cherished by all with whom she interacted. Janie had mastered the art of being totally human and was in love with the sea. Watching a storm from the rocky shore, planting her seaside garden, setting sail with Dick and Alexis aboard Penguin, and studying the rates at which marine phytoplankton take up nitrogen and make cellular proteins were all her delights. We at Bigelow are fortunate to have known and loved her.


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