microscopic organisms

Our Approach

Bigelow Laboratory is streamlined for discovery. It empowers scientists to take risks, exceed boundaries, and produce transformative science.

While we place a high value on the independence of our institute and our scientists, the real power of our model comes from the way we work together and collaborate with other leading institutes around the world.

Two scientists performing an experiment outside at night.

Empower exceptional scientists

We bring together international scientific leaders who look at the ocean from many different perspectives. We give researchers the freedom to push the limits of their fields, attract the best student scientists, and secure the funding needed to advance the leading edge. As our scientists explore the sea, their research often overlaps with each other’s specialties. Our open-concept laboratory, relatively small staff size, and flat organizational structure are all designed to help our researchers find and foster these collaborative opportunities.

Scientist working with lab instrument.

Provide resources to drive discovery

State-of-the-art science requires state-of-the-art resources. Our modern laboratory, skilled technical staff, and shared Discovery Centers support our research. This enables our scientists to utilize the latest approaches in the most cost-effective manner. As these technologies advance, we’re able to answer increasingly complex questions, but keeping up with the cutting edge can be costly. Our donors play a critical role by helping to fund the research platform that enables all our work.

Two scientist in lab looking at chemicals on a rack.

Invest at the intersection of disciplines

As our research builds understanding of the ocean, we discover new opportunities. This often occurs at the intersections of scientific disciplines that our institute is designed to explore, and we invest in the ideas that show the greatest promise. These investments occur both through individual projects and through Impact Centers designed to address specific needs. This powerful approach enables us to partner with philanthropic individuals and foundations to make bold progress.