José A. Fernández Robledo, PhD

Senior Research Scientist
Molecular Biologist
Phone: +1 (207) 315-2567, ext. 315

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Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, CSIC, Spain

MS, Fish Pathology and Aquaculture

Licentiate, Molecular Biology

University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Research Interests

I am interested in a lot of things; I have experience in protozoan parasites of mollusks. My research aims to understanding the interaction between parasites and host. The system I have been using to study this interaction is Perkinsus marinus (‘Dermo’ disease) and Crassostrea virginica, the eastern oyster. Most of my scientific contribution has been on the side of the parasite where we have contributed to develop the genetic tools needed to make P. marinus a genetically traceable system. A spin off these projects is to use P. marinus to deliver antigens against pathogens of veterinarian and medical relevance (e.g., Malaria, SARS-CoV-2, VHSV). Prompted by limited intervention strategies to fight the spread of the Dermo, I am now exploring areas on the oyster side. With the genome of the oyster available and our recent achievement on transfection of the oyster hemocytes, I am interested in creating cell lines of oysters as a way to complete the circle for the study host-parasite interactions but also for exploring cellular aquaculture. I am also interested on using genetically engineering microalgae for ameliorating environmental problems and for producing food products. I am also looking for collaborations for bringing together AI to cell biology.



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Prior to 2007

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