Seawater Suite pipes

Seawater Suite

Algal Production and Experimental Aquaria

The Seawater Suite in the Center of Ocean Health is a core facility of Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. The Suite is a continuously flowing seawater system with both filtered seawater as well as raw seawater. All water is pumped through the facility by different types and sizes of pumps. There is also flowing seawater throughout all three science wings as well as in the Seawater Suite. There are multiple sized vessels that enable to tailor the experiment to the hypothesis. This system is partially powered by a solar system that has the capability to produce up to 20 KW of energy.

System Capabilities

TypeCapacity (L)Low Temp C°High Temp °CTemp Variation °C# of Units
Water Table3007.5301.53
Kalwall Tubes94.572518
Bag Vessels40072516

Seawater Suite mesocosms