Nutrient Analysis

Putting Advanced Technology to Work

Bigelow Laboratory’s Ocean Science and Education Campus is located in East Boothbay, Maine. Nutrient analysis services are available to both private and public entities from local, national and international researchers in marine chemistry, aquaculture and fisheries. Our experienced scientists and technicians provide the highest quality testing in a timely manner.

Nutrient Analyses: Oceanic Water, Cultures, Estuarine and Freshwater

Inorganic Nutrients:

  • Nitrate NO3-
  • Nitrite NO2-
  • Phosphate PO43-
  • Silicate SiO44-
  • Ammonium NH4+

Other available analyses:

  • High sensitivity nutrient analysis:
  • Phosphate (dissolved inorganic and organic)
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite

Organic nutrient analysis:

  • Particulate organic phosphorus
  • Total dissolved phosphorus
  • Total dissolved nitrogen

High sensitivity analysis and organic nutrient analysis are performed on a spectrophotometer.

All analyses utilize a SEAL AA3HR Segmented Flow Autoanalyzer.

Contact us for details on analytical approach, sample handling and analysis cost.

Rachel Sipler, Nutrient Analysis Senior Research Scientist
Phone: +1 207 315-2567, ext 310

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