Bigelow Laboratory Hosts Free Documentary Screening


Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is hosting a free screening of “Deep Rising,” a new documentary about the emerging deep-sea mining industry, at the Strand Theater in Rockland on July 24 at 7 p.m. The event is hosted by Vice President for Research Beth Orcutt, an internationally recognized expert in deep-sea science.

As demand grows for critical minerals that can help fuel the energy transition, the mining industry is increasingly looking to the fragile and poorly-understood seafloor as the next frontier. “Deep Rising” looks at the emergence of this new industry, exploring the complex political struggles, scientific debates, and behind-the-scenes negotiations that will shape the future of this poorly understood ecosystem — and perhaps the planet.

Deep Rising movie poster

“What’s at stake is the health of the ocean,” Orcutt said. “I want to make sure that if we make rules about how we're going to use it, that they're actually grounded in science.”

Orcutt has been active in international discussions around deep-sea mining, working to ensure that science — and science-informed policy — remains front and center. Her research focuses on illuminating how deep-sea ecosystems function and respond to change. After the screening, Orcutt will share the latest news and her personal insights on this rapidly developing international debate with plenty of time for questions from the audience.

“Deep Rising” was made by award-winning documentary filmmaker Matthieu Rytz who seeks to bring a balanced perspective to the complex legal, political, and ecological issues surrounding deep-sea mining and conservation. Narrated by movie star, ocean advocate, and executive producer Jason Momoa, the film features awe-inspiring footage of the seafloor’s most dazzling creatures and shares a riveting tale of geopolitical, corporate, and scientific intrigue. It premiered at Sundance Film Festival to widespread acclaim last year.

Lead photo courtesy of Schmidt Ocean Institute.