To our community: A message about COVID-19


Dear Members of our Community,

I hope that you and your family are doing well as we all navigate these trying times. It’s been a challenging few weeks here at Bigelow Laboratory, but our hard work has positioned us well to weather the days ahead. While life at the lab has been radically altered, our process of ocean discovery continues at its normal swift pace.

Our first priority is to protect each other, our families, and our local community. Our second priority is to minimize the disruption to our important research.

We’ve taken many steps during the last several weeks to ensure we meet both goals throughout this time. All of our team is working from home as much as possible, and we’ve closed the lab to the public. We’ve also implemented a host of new policies to prevent the transmission of contagions, suspended all business travel, canceled all visits and events before May 1, and put procedures in place to evaluate all upcoming programs and events after that date.

The pressing need for ocean discoveries and solutions continues, and there is so much exciting and promising work going on at the lab right now. Thankfully, most of our staff can work partially or completely remotely. Oceanography is a global science so we are used to virtual meetings with colleagues around the world, now they just happen to be colleagues next door.

It is moments like this that show society what you already know well – that it is essential to proactively invest in scientific discovery and solutions. The challenges facing our oceans may be easier to ignore today, but they are consequential and urgent. I sincerely thank you for investing in a better future through our science. Your support, especially during these challenging times, is vital and valued.

Throughout the current crisis, we will do all we can to help, and we will continue the ocean science that will help society navigate around other global challenges on the horizon.

Grateful and inspired by your support,

Deborah A. Bronk, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer