Semester Program

Bigelow Laboratory offers a semester-in-residence program for students from Colby College and other select colleges and institutions interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of oceanography and hands-on research experience through immersion in a professional laboratory environment. Available in fall semester only, the intensive research experience is focused on ocean science within a changing global climate, and covers topics such as microbial oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, the ocean’s role in the global carbon cycle, molecular approaches to biological oceanography, and pelagic ecology; implications for public policy are explored within each of these topics. This unique program is a must for any student interested in the marine sciences, as well as students looking for a research-intensive experience during their undergraduate training.

Bigelow’s community of scientists conduct basic research on the biological, chemical and physical processes of the oceans, and is internationally recognized for its unique blend of cross-disciplinary research. All classes and lab activities in the semester program will be delivered by world-renowned Bigelow Senior Research Scientists and Research Scientists, who have extensive undergraduate teaching and mentoring experience. Small class sizes and an emphasis on research in the lab and field ensure that students receive individual attention and plenty of hands-on research experience.

Program at a Glance

  • Intensive independent research under the mentorship of a Bigelow Laboratory Senior Research Scientist
  • Extensive lab and fieldwork
  • Four lab courses; Six one-day oceanographic cruises
  • Small program with 2:1 PhD to student ratio
  • 16 academic credits through Colby College
  • 14 week program during fall semester
  • Participation does not preclude study abroad for Colby College students