LeAnn Whitney, PhD

Research Scientist
Phytoplankton Ecologist
Phone: +1 (207) 315-2567, ext. 408

For media inquiries, please contact sprofaizer@bigelow.org


B.S., Marine Biology, University of Maine, 2005

Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Rhode Island (URI), 2012

Research Interests

I am interested in how nutrient availability and ocean acidification impact phytoplankton physiology and diversity. I use molecular tools in combination with laboratory manipulation experiments and natural field observations to characterize metabolic responses among phytoplankton. For my Ph.D. research, I studied iron limitation in diatoms using transcriptomics and targeted gene expression methods. Currently, my research focuses on the response of picoeukaryotes to the interactive effects of phosphorus deficiency and ocean acidification.

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