Alexander B. Michaud

Ohio State University

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BS, Biology and Environmental Science, Coe College, 2009

PhD, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University, 2016

Research Interests

Given the decline in ice worldwide, my research focuses on microbial processes within and downstream of glaciers and ice containing habitats. I am a biogeochemist who combines geochemistry with molecular microbiology techniques and microbial rate measurements to quantify the influence of ice on microbial activity and biogeochemical cycles.

My current research project focuses on the iron cycle within the Alaskan Arctic. Iron oxidizing bacteria produce conspicuous mats of orange iron-oxide minerals in abundance on the North Slope of Alaska. These biological iron oxide minerals provide iron reducing bacteria with a favorable terminal electron acceptor. We think that iron reducing bacteria will mineralize more carbon to carbon dioxide and outcompete methanogenesis where iron oxidizing bacteria produce iron oxide mats.

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