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"When I arrived at Bigelow, I instantly fell in love with the environment, the people, and the science. After ten weeks of intense work, I changed immensely. I went from a student knowing very little about the intricacy of our oceans and understanding very little about the scientific research process to giving an oral presentation at the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography’s annual conference... I went from being a student thinking I was unable to pursue research as a career to now working as a full-time lab technician under Dr. David Fields. My life has changed because of Bigelow… and I can honestly say it was for the best.” — Alex Vermont 

Would you like to inspire budding young scientists to pursue careers with the potential to solve societal problems, promote the health of our planet, and boost the economy? That is precisely what you are doing each and every time you make a gift to Bigelow Laboratory’s Annual Fund — the lifeblood of our institution which provides the financial support necessary to sustain and grow our core programs, such as education.

There are very few Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educational opportunities available that are free and hands-on in nature. At Bigelow, we offer programs for students across the entire spectrum; from high school juniors and college undergraduates to postdoctoral researchers and teachers in local schools. All of the Laboratory’s education programs are free to participants and funded each year primarily by private donors. These endeavors would not be possible without YOU and a strong Annual Fund.

Jasper Nutt

“My internship at Bigelow taught me not only how to do basic research, but how to communicate the results effectively to both the general public and to my fellow scientists. My summers as a student at Bigelow Laboratory showed me that I could stay in Maine and still work in the “cool” cutting-edge science jobs I studied for. While my friends moved to Seattle and Boston, I stayed right here.” — Jasper Nutt

Thanks to you, our scientists have touched the lives of thousands of students — while conducting research that is vital to our health and the future of our planet. In this time of uncertain federal funding, Bigelow Laboratory counts on your support now more than ever in order to continue and grow our top-notch science and education programs. Your Annual Fund gift is extremely important because it provides resources that make an immediate impact and help us through these turbulent times.

Trustee Herbert Paris and his wife, Harriet, have most generously offered to make your gift this year go twice as far. Through the end of June 2014, they will provide up to $50,000 to match new and increased Annual Fund gifts dollar for dollar.

Herb & Harriet Paris

"We want our participation to demonstrate our confidence in the strength of the laboratory's leadership and the breadth and excellence of its scientific talent and international reputation."


Please do not miss out on this opportunity to double the impact of your Annual Fund gift!

All donors making new and increased gifts will be invited to a special, landmark celebration of 25 years in education excellence at Bigelow Laboratory!