Current Projects

  • Influence of ocean acidification on biotic controls of DMS emissions (NSF, 2013-2018. Archer, Matrai, Countway)
  • A saturation approach to microzooplankon grazing rate determination (NSF, 2017-2019, Archer, Poulton)
  • New approaches to reducing methane production by farmed ruminants. The Sash A. and Mary M. Spencer Entrepreneurial Fund and Maine Technology Institute (Archer and Emerson, 2017-2018)
  • Haloperoxidases and their roles in the surface ocean. (Bigelow Laboratory 2015-ongoing)
  • Expanding the options for monitoring of DSP by promoting the ISSC approval of LC-MS/MS and two rapid screening approaches. (NOAA-PCMHAB 2017-2020; Archer, Macleod [in collaboration with Deeds and Trainer])