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Research Grants

Research Grants

Title Funder Bigelow Principle Investigator(s)
Deep Life I: Microbial Carbon Transformations in Rock-Hosted Deep Subsurface Habitats Sloan Foundation Stepanauskas
Collaborative Research: Exploratory application of single-molecule real time (SMRT) DNA sequencing in microbial ecology research NSF Stepanauskas

Collaborative Research: An Integrated Study of Energy Metabolism, Carbon Fixation, and Colonization Mechanisms in Chemosynthetic Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Vents

NSF Stepanauskas
Learning how to breathe: What we can learn about antiquity, iron oxidation, and respiration on oxygen from modern Fe-oxidizing bacteria MSGC NASA EPSCoR Emerson, Stepanauskas, McClellan
Diversity of marine protists: Single cell genomics and imaging for TARA Oceans NSF Yoon, Stepanauskas, Poulton
Single cell genome sequencing of uncultured prokaryotes from the South Atlantic mesopelagic NSF Stepanauskas, McClellan, Sieracki
Identification of photoheterotrophic microorganisms in temperate freshwater lakes NSF Stepanauskas, Sieracki
Collaborative Research: Decoding virus leviathans NSF Wilson, Stepanauskas