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Molecular Ecology of Microbial Eukaryotes


 Dr. Peter D. Countway

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Research Themes

• Diversity and Function of Microbial Eukaryotes in the World's Oceans

• Microbial Eukaryotes at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents

• Marine Microalgae as New Sources of Nutrition and Energy

• Harmful Algae in Aquatic Environments: Detection, Quantification and Impacts on Ecosystem Structure

Funded Research Projects and Equipment Grants:

1. Collaborative Research: Seasonal bloom dynamics: Synechococcus-grazer interactions as a model system: NSF DEB #1233788


The ciliate Uronema (strain BBCil)  shown with ingested Synechococcus under DIC (left panel) and fluorescence (right panel) illumination. Red spheres inside the ciliate are individual Synechococcus cells  after 24 hrs of grazing by Uronema. (click image for larger view)

2. Bigelow Laboratory Marine Biological and Oceanographic Computational Resources: NSF DBI #1226726

3. Ocean Acidification: Influence of Ocean Acidification on Biotic Controls of DMS Emissions: NSF OCE #1316133

4. MRI: Acquisition of genome sequencers for Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences: NSF OCE #1335810

Digital Microscopy:


The dinoflagellate Ceratium against a backdrop of diatoms belonging to the genus Leptocylindrus, sampled from the Damariscotta River in June of 2013, imaged with an iPhone5 through a microscope ocular and digitally enhanced in Photoshop. (click image for larger view)

Postdoctoral Research Opportunities:

If you are interested in developing a NSF proposal to conduct postdoctoral research in my lab please feel free to drop me a line to discuss opportunities.

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