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Shimmield - Publications


  • Andrews JE, Samways G, Shimmield GB (2008) Historical storage budgets of organic carbon, nutrient and contaminant elements in saltmarsh sediments: biogeochemical context for managed realignment, Humber Estuary, UK. Science of the Total Environment 405:1-13.
  • Breuer E, Law G, Woulds C, Cowie G, Shimmield G, Peppe O, Schwartz M, McKinlay S (2008) Sedimentary oxygen consumption and microdistribution at sites across the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone (Pakistan margin). Deep-Sea Research II 56:296–304.
  • Breuer E, Shimmield G, Peppe O (2008) Assessment of metal concentrations found within a North Sea drill cuttings pile. Marine Pollution Bulletin 56:1310–1322.