Meredith White

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Phytoplankton and Invertebrate Larval Ecologist
Office: 207-315-2567, ext. 520
Mobile: 978-985-9841
Fax: 207-315-2329


  • Ph.D., Biological Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (MIT/WHOI) Joint Program, 2013
  • B.S., Biochemistry, Lafayette College, 2006

Research Interests 

The effects of climate change (including ocean acidification) and other environmental stressors on marine benthic invertebrate larval and juvenile development.  Effects of ocean acidification and changes to the marine carbonate system on phytoplankton physiology, on the marine carbon pump, and on ocean biogeochemistry.  Interactive effects of ocean acidification on predator-prey relationships.

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