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Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral Researchers

Picture Name



Research Interests Supervisor
Efield.jpg Field, Erin efield single cell genomics, chemolithotrophic iron-oxidizing bacteria Emerson
 efleming.jpg Fleming Nuester, Emily efleming physiology, ecology, and evolutionary history of freshwater aerobic chemolithotrophic iron-oxidizing bacteria Emerson
  Labonte, Jessica jlabonte   Stepanauskas
  Lee, Younjoo ylee   Matrai
 amumford.jpg Mumford, Adam amumford Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of iron oxidizing bacteria in marine microbial corrosion Emerson
 jnuester.jpg Nuester, Jochen jnuester Geochemistry Twining
 jscott.jpg Scott, Jarrod jscott ecology of microbial mats at seamount-associated iron-rich hydrothermal vent systems Emerson
 bswan.jpg Swan, Brandon bswan Single cell genomics of uncultivated marine microbes Stepanauskas
 mwhite.jpg White, Meredith mwhite Ecology and physiology of phytoplankton and their responses to climate change, including acidification; predator-prey interaction response to ocean acidification Balch
  Whitney, LeeAnn lwhitney   Lomas






Postdoctoral Researcher Alumni

Picture Name Supervisor Where are they now?
mgarcia.jpg Garcia, Manuel Stepanauskas  
jmartinez.jpg Martinez-Martinez, Joaquin Wilson Now a Senior Research Scientist at Bigelow
jmcbeth.jpg McBeth, Joyce Emerson Scientist at the Canadian Light Source
hqiu.jpg Qiu, Huan Yoon  
eyang.jpg Yang, Eun Chan Yoon