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August 31, 2010

A New Strategic Partnership

Laboratory Executive Director Graham Shimmield (left) and Colby College President William “Bro” Adams made the partnership official in a ceremony witnessed by more than 70 people on July 23. Photo by Dennis Griggs.

Bigelow Laboratory and Colby College in Waterville, Maine have formed a strategic partnership that will significantly expand educational and research opportunities for the LaboratoryÕs scientists and for Colby students and faculty. The partnership will bring together the strengths of the two institutions, both in fundamental ocean research and in curricular innovations that combine scientific research with economic and social policy analysis. Plans include collaborative research, summer internships for Colby students, and new teaching opportunities for Bigelow scientists. The new partnership was featured onÊMaine Public Broadcasting’sÊMaine Things Considered.

Laboratory Co-Founder Dr. Charlie Yentsch Receives Prestigious Jerlov Award

The Oceanography Society has announced that Dr. Charles S. Yentsch has been named the 2010 recipient of the Jerlov Award “for his enduring, pioneering work on phytoplankton, their optical properties, and productivity, which ultimately gave rise to the field of ocean color remote sensing.” The international award, commemorating the theoretical and experimental research of Nils Gunnar Jerlov, honors “contributions made to the advancement of knowledge of the nature and consequences of light in the ocean.” Previous recipients include Talbot Waterman, Yale University; J. Ronald V. Zaneveld, Oregon State University; Howard R. Gordon, University of Miami; Raymond C. Smith, University of California, Santa Barbara; and André Morel, Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

Above: Dr. Charlie Yentsch. Photo by Bob Mitchell.

Henry in Action

Photo by Greg Bernard.

Henry, the Laboratory’s winged, battery-powered autonomous underwater glider, is equipped with customized sensors for sampling ocean temperature, salinity, conductivity, and current speeds to a maximum depth of 200 meters. He is deployed on regular missions across the Gulf of Maine to Nova Scotia and back, surfacing every six hours to transmit data to Laboratory computers and receive new instructions. The glider, floating for the day in the water off the Laboratory’s dock, was a major attraction at the Annual Open House on August 2. Visitors met glider pilots Dr. Barney Balch, David Drapeau, and Bruce Bowler, and were among the first to see underwater footage of Henry in action. If you missed it, the Henry videos are available online.

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Exploring Joint Initiatives with Yale University’s School of Medicine

Yale University School of Medicine and Bigelow Laboratory have signed a Memorandum of Agreement for Academic Collaboration intended “to strengthen mutual understanding, to foster friendly communication, and to promote academic collaboration and exchange.” The agreement will allow scientists at the Laboratory to develop joint research projects with Yale researchers; organize joint conferences, seminars, and academic meetings; and work with new funding agencies.

A New Three-Year Grant from NASA

Iron-oxidizing Mariprofundus ferrooxydans bacteria. Photo by David Emerson.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded a major three-year grant to the Laboratory through the Maine Space Grant Consortium. Part of the federal Experimental Program to Stimulate Research (EPSCoR), the grant will provide $724,799 for a team of scientists to examine modern iron-oxidizing bacteria for evidence of ancient metabolic pathways of iron oxidation. This project is led by Bigelow Senior Research Scientist David Emerson, with Bigelow co-principal investigators Drs. David McClellan and Ramunas Stepanauskas, and collaborators Dr. Stephanie Taylor from Colby College and NASA Astrobiologist Dr. Jennifer Eigenbrode.

Samuel Whittemore Receives the 2010 Maureen D. Keller Undergraduate Scholarship

Scholarship recipient Samuel Whittemore with Dr. Graham Shimmield. Photo by Jane Gardner.

The Laboratory is very pleased to announce that Samuel Whittemore of Readfield, Maine has been awarded the ninth annual scholarship in memory of Senior Research Scientist Dr. Maureen D. Keller. A 2009 graduate of Maranacook Community High School, Whittemore is majoring in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences as first-year student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a Maine high school senior or college freshman majoring in science. Information on the scholarship and applications are available on-line.

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