International group attending SCGC workshop


A group of 90 visitors were at Bigelow Laboratory for the Third Annual Microbial Single Cell Genomics Workshop, June 14-18. Colleagues from around the globe traveled to East Boothbay to share research, methods, and ideas about this rapidly evolving field. Third Microbial Single Cell Genomics Workshop

                       June 14-18, 2015

         [140]Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine                          Organizing committee:

                 Paul Blainey, Broad Institute

                                  David Emerson, Bigelow Laboratory                           for Ocean Sciences

                                 Nicole Poulton, Bigelow Laboratory                           for Ocean Sciences

                                                          Ramunas       Stepanauskas (chair), Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

                     Tanja Woyke, DOE Joint Genome Institute                          Workshop coordinator:

  [141]Brian Thompson, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Workshop goals were to exchange research results, methods and ideas related to microbial single cell genomics (SCG), in this way stimulating further progress in this exciting research field. Building on the success of SCG workshops that were held in [142]2007 and [143]2010, the workshop aimed to provide an opportunity for effective, creative interactions among PIs, postdocs and students who utilize SCG in microbiology research or develop SCG technology for diverse research applications. The presentations reflected how the field of microbial single cell genomics is maturing. Details were provided about significant technological progress being made as well as on major discoveries in ecology, evolution, human health, biogeochemistry, industrial bioprospecting, and other areas of microbial research.

The group arrived on Sunday June 14th to begin a full week of activities. More information and a complete agenda can be found [144]here.

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