State legislators visit laboratory


On March 25, nine members of the Maine State Legislature visited Bigelow Laboratory for a tour of the facility. Representative Stephanie Hawke and Senator Chris Johnson co-hosted the event with Executive Director Graham Schimmield, who also led the tour. Legislatures met and spoke with scientists Drs. Nichole Price, Peter Countway, Nick Record, Barney Balch, Steve Archer, Jose Antonio Robledo, and Brian Thompson about their research. The tour was followed by a demonstration of a FlowCam conducted by Harry Nelson of Fluid Imaging Technology, a spin-off industry that began at Bigelow Laboratory.

The visit gave legislatures an introduction to the laboratory and demonstrated the ways in which Bigelow Laboratory is collaborating with other industries around the state and beyond. "They were an enthusiastic group and were quick to make connections between our research and the issues that are important to the folks that they represent, " reported Dr. Nick Record.

Following the tour, legislatures enjoyed hors d'oeuvres while discussing the research and collaborative projects happening at Bigelow Laboratory with scientists and staff. Representative Stephanie Hawke expressed her thanks and appreciation for the opportunity stating, "Bigelow is doing such great things!"