Orcutt and Edwards write chapter on life in ocean crust


Bigelow Laboratory Senior Research Scientist Dr. Beth N. Orcutt and the late Dr. Katrina J. Edwards from the University of Southern California co-authored a chapter in a recently published book about what was learned from a decade of science in the US-sponsored Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Elsevier published the book, Earth and Life Processes Discovered from Subseafloor Environments, in January 2015.

Orcutt and Edwards reviewed what was learned from subseafloor laboratories, including confirmation that active and abundant life was "buried alive" in the deep biosphere, in and below the oceanic crust. The team provides a fascinating look at how understanding of life in the deep biosphere has evolved as more data became available through regular sampling at subseafloor laboratories. The chapter title: Life in the Ocean Crust: Lessons from Subseafloor Laboratories aptly describes its riveting content. To read the chapter, click [140]here.

Image is courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.