Tiny Giants take Boston


Tiny Giants: Marine Microbes Revealed on a Grand Scale debuted January 15 to a sold-out audience at District Hall in Boston, MA. Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, the New England Aquarium, and Women Working for Oceans co-hosted the event. Attendees viewed a photographic exhibition of marine microbes taken by Bigelow Laboratory scientists followed by presentations and a dinner with scientists from both institutions.

The images highlighted not only the intricate beauty and variety of these tiny ocean creatures, but also their vital significance to our global environment. They produce half of the oxygen we breathe, are the basis of food for the entire marine food web from fish to whales, and are helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

"It was delightful to wander amongst the crowd and hear people exclaim about the beauty and wonder of marine microbes," said Darlene Trew Crist, director of communications at Bigelow Laboratory. "It was exactly the type of response we and our partners at New England Aquarium and Women Working for Oceans hoped to elicit to help advance public understanding of why microbes matter, and why it's so important to learn more about them."

The Tiny Giants exhibition will move on to a number of locations, beginning with a month-long exhibit at the Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library. The Lewis Gallery show will premier March 6, 2015 and be free and open to the public through March 30. The exhibit will move to East Boothbay this summer and off to New York in the fall.

To see related media coverage of this event, please [140]visit. The program can be viewed here: [141]Tiny_Giants_Exhibition_Handout_v5.pdf

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