O-Buoys in the Beaufort Sea


As part of the Bigelow-led O-Buoy Chemical Network, Purdue graduate student Wes Halfacre is in the Beaufort Sea to continue their multi-year work in the Arctic Ocean, where they have designed and deployed the first long-term automated, autonomous on ice sampling of atmospheric chemistry. Halfacre will be aboard the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Louis St. Laurent from early September through October 15. He will be deploying the 11^th and 12^th in the series of "O-Buoys," which measure atmospheric carbon dioxide, bromine oxide, ozone, and meteorological parameters. These buoys also will be taking pictures every 20 minutes of the Arctic pack ice. OB-12 is specially outfitted for the first time with an under sea ice seawater-module that will measure seawater temperature, salinity, oxygen, nitrate, pH, fluorescence, and backscatter. Halfacre deployed O-Buoy 11 on Monday October 6, with the deployment of O-Buoy 12 and recovery of O-Buoy 10soon-to-follow. The cruise is co-led by Drs. Bill Williams of the Department of Fisheries in Canada and Rick Kreishfield of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. You can follow the cruise and deployment of the unique O-Buoys by clicking here: [140]http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=137056.

The eleventh O'Buoy was deployed on Monday October 6 in the Beaufort Sea. It took this picture -- its first -- of an ice tethered profiler being deployed by staff of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.