White selected for live science storytelling event


Postdoctoral researcher Meredith White has a story to tell and she will be sharing it in front of a live studio audience on Thursday July 17. White was selected to participate in [140]The Story Collider, a live science storytelling event.

The Story Collider is holding its first show in Maine at the Frontier Cafe in Brunswick on Thursday, beginning at 7:30 pm. The Story Collider is a live, true storytelling event where all the stories are science related. White will be recounting her journey from testifying at the State House as a scientific expert on ocean acidification to being asked to lend her expertise on a commission established by the legislature to assess the state of Maine's waters and possibly implement action to reduce further acidification.

The show is produced and directed by Skylar Bayer, a graduate student at the Darling Marine Center, and Ari Daniel Shapiro, a freelance science journalist who has done several radio pieces on research at Bigelow Laboratory.

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