20 student interns come to campus


Bigelow Laboratory is hosting 20 student interns this summer for ten weeks. Seventeen students are part of the REU program at the Laboratory and three Colby College students are completing internships in Science Communications, Information Technology, and Ecological Modeling.

REU stands for Research Experience for Undergraduates. REU programs are funded by the National Science Foundation to provide students pursuing degrees in science, mathematics, and engineering with laboratory-based research experiences. that emphasize hands-on, and exposure to state-of-the-art methods and technologies.

Each student in the REU program is paired with a Bigelow Laboratory scientist based on mutual research interests. Over the course of ten weeks, the students will work with their mentors to develop their own individual research projects and identify a research question, develop a proposal, conduct their research, and prepare an abstract and poster. This year, research topics include marine virology, ocean acidification, marine microbiology, ocean biogeochemistry, bioinformatics, sensory biology, and phytoplankton ecology. At the end of the program, students present their poster at a student symposium.

Along with their research projects and internships, students have the opportunity to integrate themselves in the Bigelow Laboratory community, participate in Laboratory outreach programs, and attend social events, field trips, and seminars. Listed are the student interns at Bigelow Laboratory for the summer of 2014.


Home Institution

Bigelow Laboratory Mentor

Sonia Vargas*

Colby College

Beth Orcutt/Darlene Trew Crist

Hallie Jester

Colby College

Pete Countway

Julia Maine

Bowdoin College

Barney Balch

Brianna Adams

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Beth Orcutt

Daniel Seidman

Brown University

Nick Record

Allison Sharrar

University of Michigan

Beth Orcutt/Christoph Aeppli

Alicia Hoeglund

Truman State University

Nicole Poulton

Amy Webb

University of Southern Maine

David Fields

Stephen Blanchard

Southern Maine Community College

Paty Matrai

Nicholas "Nick" Marquis

Southern Maine Community College

José Antonio


Elizabeth "Liz" Allen

The College of William and Mary


Mart�nez Mart�nez

Sarah Erskine

Wheaton College

Michael Lomas

Jessica Mayhew

Southern Maine Community College

Pete Countway

Alexa Williams

Colby College

David Fields

Devin Page

Southern Maine Community College

Steve Archer

Colton "Cody" Funkhouser

Colby College

Jessica Labonte

Julia Middleton*

Colby College

Nick Record

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tonkin

Colby College

Nathan Paquin

David "Max" Findley

Haverford College

Christoph Aeppli

Robert Campbell*

Colby College

Nathan Paquin

*= Intern (separate from REU program)