Hands-on Research

Your Sea Change experience will give you exclusive access Bigelow Laboratory’s state-of-the-art facilities, as well as the tools and mentorship you need to lead an independent investigation into questions that you want to answer.

You will also get to participate in six daylong research cruises in the Gulf of Maine, supplemented with regular sampling of local waters. While at sea, you’ll use a full range of physical, chemical, and biological oceanographic instruments to collect water samples and environmental data for analysis and synthesis in the lab. The data you collect on these cruises will contribute to a long-term time series study of changing ocean conditions.

Real Relationships

Your coursework and independent research will be enhanced by the accessible and welcoming Bigelow Laboratory community. You’ll have the opportunity to develop relationships with our leading scientists, in addition to attending regular seminars and working with researchers at other marine science laboratories. This rich experience will give you broad exposure to career options and help you develop a professional network within the diverse field of oceanography.

Continued Opportunities

Many possibilities exist for continuing your relationship with Bigelow Laboratory after completing the semester program, including continued project work with senior research scientist mentors, future internships, opportunities for senior research projects in collaboration with the Laboratory, and advice for future academic pursuits from field veterans.