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Postdoctoral Education Training Seminars

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is deeply engaged in the active training of postdoctoral researchers that will aid them in in acquiring and developing knowledge, skills, and ethics that may be necessary for a high quality career in ocean sciences. A Postdoctoral Education and Ethics Training Program has been developed to provide the needed instruction in an organized manner. Postdocs meet monthly with either the postdoctoral education coordinator or a guest lecturer to recieve instruction on a variety of topics, including Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) topics, professional topics (e.g., writing papers and grants, and giving talks), and skill-related topics (e.g., data analysis and microscopy). Other members of the science staff are invited to instructional sessions. A list of past and scheduled sessions appear below.

Past Postdoctoral Education and Ethics Training Seminars

07 Dec 09 Grant Writing and Submission Dr. Ramunas Stepanauskas
19 Jan 10 Mentoring and Diversity Dr. Ashanti Johnson
27 Jan 10 Flow Cytometry Dr. Nicole Poulton
09 Feb 10 Forming and Maintaining Collaborations (RCR) Dr. Barney Balch
23 Feb 10 DNA and Protein Sequence Alignment Dr. David McClellan
16 Mar 10 Publication Practices (RCR) Dr. Paty Matrai
23 Mar 10 Electron Microscopy Dr. Hwan Su Yoon
06 Apr 10 Data Management and Ownership (RCR) Dr. Paty Matrai
20 Apr 10 Phylogenetic Systematics Dr. David McClellan
11 May 10 Conflict Resolution (RCR)  
13 Jul 10 Lunch with a Scientific Artist  Glynn Gorick
14 Sep 10 Writing a CV and Applying for Jobs Dr. David McClellan
28 Sep 10 Culturing Phytoplankton, Bacteria, and Viruses Dr. Willie Wilson
12 Oct 10 Reviewing Grants and Manuscripts (RCR) Dr. David McClellan
23 Nov 10 Molecular Evolutionary Analysis Dr. David McClellan
15 Feb 11 Intellectual Property (RCR) Mark Bloom
12 Apr 11 Next Generation Sequencing Discussion Dr. David Emerson
13 Apr 11 Website Workshop Dr. David McClellan
30 Jun 11 Organizational Meeting Dr. Graham Shimmield
23 Aug 11 Grant Proposals 1: Idea Development Dr. David Emerson
20 Sep 11 Grant Proposals 2: Broader Impacts Rebecca Fowler
26 Oct 11 Grant Proposals 3: Budgets Leslie Bird
16 Nov 11 Research Ethics Overview (RCR) Dr. David McClellan
29 Feb 12 Professional Presentations & Public Speaking Tatiana Brailovskaya
19 Mar 12 Being a Journal Editor (RCR) Dr. David Emerson
26 Apr 12 Copyright Law & Fair Use (RCR) Mark Bloom
22 Jun 12 Publication Practices (RCR) Dr. Paty Matrai
24 Jul 12 Developing Course Curriculum/Syllabi Dr. David McClellan
21 Aug 12 National Science Foundation Dr. Michael Sieracki
22 Oct 12 Mentor - Mentee Relationship (RCR) Dr. Ben Twining
16 Nov 12 Job Hunting & Interviewing Dr. Peter Countway
11 Dec 12 Interview Strategies Dr. Beth Orcutt
2 July 13 (planning meeting) Dr. Beth Orcutt
13 Aug 13 Project Management
Dr. Ramunas Stepanauskas
5 Sep 13
Scientific Communication Matt Wright, COL
1 Oct 13  Developing an Independent Research Project Dr. Steve Archer
5 Nov 13
Leadership and Management Skills
Dr. Graham Shimmield
3 Dec 13 Creating and Managing Budgets Dr. Willie Wilson
7 Jan 14 Collaborative Research Dr. Mike Lomas
4 Feb 14 Soft vs. Hard Money Research and Institutions Dr. Ben Twining