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Postdoctoral Training

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences has an active postdoctoral education program. When a postdoctoral researcher comes to the Laboratory, they will participate in our Postdoctoral Education and Ethics Training program. The objective of this program is to provide instruction that will teach responsible conduct of research (RCR) ethics, enhance professional development (e.g., grant writing, faculty position applications, etc.), and provide hands-on experience that will build skills (e.g., bioinformatics techniques, electron and confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, etc.). One of our Senior Research Scientists (SRS) is assigned to be the postdoctoral education coordinator - this position is currently filled by Dr. David Emerson.

Although Bigelow Laboratory is primarily a research institution, postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to participate in the laboratory-wide educational and outreach programs. These programs include the yearly BLOOM program where Maine high school students are exposed to ocean sciences for a week, and the newly established Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program funded by the National Science Foundation. Postdocs are expected to mentor, provide lectures, and guide students in the laboratory. Finally, due to the Laboratory's dependence on external funding, postdocs are expected to shadow and aid SRSs in grant applications.

Additionally, postdocs may attend seminars, present research, and invite and host speakers as part of the regular Bigelow seminar series. Postdocs also may attend SRS and committee meetings, which are the governance vehicle at our soft-money institution. By the end of a stint at Bigelow Laboratory, a postdoc should develop into an independent scientist that is more experienced in every aspect of their chosen discipline, funding a research program, teaching and mentoring students, and institutional governance.

Current Postdoctoral Researchers