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Online Resources

Archived Resource Pages: Some former educational resource pages are no longer maintained by Bigelow Laboratory, but can be accessed for individual use here.

  • Maine Intertidal Zone Investigation
    An on-line tour of Maine's rocky shore using photography to illustrate examples of zonation, animals, and algae. Aligned with Maine Learning Results. Contains complementary classroom and field activities. Suitable for grade 6-12

  • Bottom of the Food Web

    Highlights marine phytoplankton and NASA programs that study ocean color. Suitable for grades 6-12

  • Ocean Planet – Ocean Sciences

    Find out about waves, wind, hurricanes and icebergs, ocean currents, temperatures and salinity, upwelling and productivity. Ocean sciences explained in the context of the Vendee Globe race. Suitable for: general / K-12
  • Great Belt Research Cruise                                                                                                   Why do ocean scientists go to sea and what do they study there?  Join Bigelow Laboratory scientists on their January 2011 expedition to the South Atlantic to study phytoplankton and ocean acidification.  Site features a daily blog, photos, interviews with scientists and lesson plans for grades 6-12.

  • Hatch to Catch

    Challenges the learner to guide 1,000 larval lobsters through the Gulf of Maine Suitable for grades 6-9

  • Hatch to Catch II

    Continuing the journey from the original "Hatch to Catch", choose a settling area and foraging patterns to determine lobster survival. Suitable for grades 6-9

  • Ship Mates

    On-line oceanographic research data. Data analysis activities looking at temperature and salinity across depth profiles and geographic distance, seasonal effects and changes in biology. Suitable for grades 6-12+