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Corporate Affiliate Program


The Bigelow Laboratory Corporate Affiliate Program (CAP) enables companies to enter into a formal working relationship with the Laboratory.  This relationship offers each company a single interface and road map to resources at the Laboratory.

CAP Affiliate companies receive: 

1. CAP gives Corporate Affiliates advance notification of new technologies developed at the Laboratory.  This notification takes place after the Laboratory has asserted its intellectual property rights, but prior to any notices to the public as a whole. 

2. CAP gives Corporate Affiliates advance information regarding research projects being performed at the Laboratory. 

3. CAP publishes a regular e-mail newsletter for members of CAP.  This newsletter will provide updates on CAP activities, announcements of new technologies and seminars and conferences to be hosted by CAP or attended by CAP staff. 

4. CAP gives Corporate Affiliates advance copies of working papers and articles produced by Laboratory researchers.  These copies may be provided in hard-copy or by providing appropriate links on a CAP-related website. 

5. CAP organizes short-term visits by our Corporate Affiliates to the Laboratory.  These visits are for both familiarization and the organization of collaborative research programs. 

6. For Corporate Affiliates in remote locations from the Laboratory, CAP will collaborate on tools that can be used on a regular basis to keep Corporate Affiliates involved in Laboratory activities.  These tools will include, e.g., teleconferences, e-mail and Skype. 

7. CAP offers its Corporate Affiliates custom presentations to their employees regarding technology and related issues. 

8. CAP is in continual contact with its Corporate Affiliates.  In bi-annual consultations, the Corporate Affiliate is invited to make comments and recommendations about the program and how it can better serve their needs.

CAP  Membership Dues and Benefits

CAP Registration Form (download PDF)