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SE Baer Recent Publications


  • Wawrik B, Bronk DA, Baer SE, Chi L, Sun M, Cooper JT, Yang Z (accepted) Bacterial utilization of creatine in seawater. Aquatic Microbial Ecology.
  • Sipler RE, Gong D, Baer SE, Sanderson MP, Mulholland M, Bronk DA (accepted) Preliminary estimates of the contribution of Arctic nitrogen fixation to the global nitrogen budget. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.
  • Baer SE, Sipler RE, Roberts QN, Yager PL, Frischer ME, Bronk DA (in press) Seasonal nitrogen uptake and regeneration in the western coastal Arctic. Limnology & Oceanography.
  • Baer SE, Lomas MW, Terpis KX, Mouginot C, Martiny AC (in press) Stoichiometry of Prochlorococcus, Synechococcus, and small eukaryote populations in the western North Atlantic Ocean. Environmental Microbiology.
  • Sipler RE, Baer SE, Connelly TL, Frischer ME, Roberts QN, Yager PL, Bronk DA (in press) Chemical and photophysiological impact of tundra derived humic acids on nitrate uptake in the coastal western Arctic. Limnology & Oceanography.
  • Singh A, Baer SE, Riebesell U, Martiny AC, Lomas MW (2015) C : N : P stoichiometry at the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study station in the North Atlantic Ocean. Biogeosciences, 12: 6389-6403.
  • Baer SE, Connelly TL, Bronk DA (2015) Nitrogen uptake dynamics in Arctic landfast sea ice near Barrow, Alaska during winter and spring. Polar Biology 28: 781-797.
  • Baer SE, Connelly TL, Bronk DA, Yager PL (2014) The effect of temperature on rates of ammonium uptake and nitrification in the western coastal Arctic during winter, spring, and summer. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 28: 1455-1466.
  • Connelly TL*, Baer SE*, Cooper JT, Bronk DA, Wawrik B (2014) Urea uptake and carbon fixation by marine pelagic Bacteria and Archaea during the Arctic summer and winter seasons. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80(19): 6103-6022.

  • * These authors contributed equally.

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