Staff Directory

Main Phone Number: 207-315-2567

Senior Research Scientists (SRSs)

Name Extension Email (
Aeppli, Christoph 317 caeppli
Archer, Steve 314 sarcher
Balch, William "Barney" 301 bbalch
Countway, Peter 302 pcountway
Emerson, David 303 demerson
315 jfernandez-robledo
Fields, David 313 dfields
Heil, Cynthia   cheil
Lomas, Michael 311 mlomas
Martínez Martínez, Joaquín  403 jmartinez
Matrai, Patricia 305 pmatrai
Orcutt, Beth 312 borcutt
Price, Nichole 306 nprice
Record, Nick 316 nrecord
Shimmield, Graham 115 gshimmield
Stepanauskas, Ramunas 308 rstepanauskas
Twining, Benjamin 309 btwining

Science Staff

Name Title Lab Extension Email (
Bellows, Wendy
Research Associate /
Safety Officer
R. Stepanauskas
502 wbellows
Bowler, Bruce Research Associate W. Balch 503 bbowler
Brown, Jeff Research Associate NCMA 201 jbrown
Brown, Joe Bioinformatician SCGC   jmbrown
Burnell, Craig Research Technician Bigelow Analytical Services 514 cburnell
Cucci, Terry Research Associate N. Poulton 504 tcucci
Donham, Emily Research Technician N. Price 519 edonham
Drapeau, David Research Associate W. Balch 506 ddrapeau
Fergusson, Liz Research Technician R. Stepanauskas 505 efergusson
Gilg, Ilana Research Associate J. Martínez 508 igilg
Greenwood, Bennett Research Technician C. Aeppli 522 bgreenwood
Haugen, Elin Research Technician N. Poulton 509 ehaugen
Lomas, Debra Research Technician M. Lomas 518 dlomas
Lubelczyk, Laura Research Technician W. Balch 511 llubelczyk
Marquis, Nick Research Technician B. Orcutt 501 nmarquis
Mascena, Corianna Research Technician SCGC 504 cmascena
Poulton, Nicole Research Scientist Flow Cytometry 513 npoulton
Posman, Kevin Research Technician S. Archer 507 kposman
Preston, Mike Research Associate D. Emerson/M. Lomas 203 mpreston
Rauschenberg, Carlton Research Associate P. Matrai 514 carlton
Rauschenberg, Sara Research Associate B. Twining 515 srauschenberg
Terpis, Kristina Research Technician M. Lomas 510 kterpis
Thompson, Brian Research Associate R. Stepanauskas 517 bthompson
Tupper, Ben Research Associate R. Stepanauskas -- btupper

Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Lab Extension Email (
Baer, Steven M. Lomas 401 sbaer
Hopkins, Jason W. Balch 407 jhopkins
Labonté, Jessica B. Orcutt 404 jlabonte
Lee, Younjoo P. Matrai 410 ylee
Mitchell, Catherine W. Balch 402   cmitchell
Ohnemus, Dan B. Twining 414 dohnemus
Scott, Jarrod D. Emerson 409 jscott
Suffrian, Kirsten S. Archer  412  ksuffrian
White, Meredith W. Balch 520 mwhite
Whitney, LeAnn M. Lomas 408 lwhitney

National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota (NCMA) Staff

Name Title Extension Email (
Ackerman, Marcia Laboratory Assistant   mackerman
Brown, Jeffrey Assistant Curator 201 jbrown
Kristan, Brynne Administrative Assistant 202 bkristan
Lomas, Michael Director 311 mlomas
Preston, Mike Research Associate 203 mpreston
Riggens, Tracey Associate Curator 204 triggens
Sexton, Julie Curator 206 jsexton
Yentsch, Sara Sales & Marketing 205 syentsch

Emeritus Scientists

Name Former Positions
Andersen, Robert CCMP Director / Senior Research Scientist
Guillard, Robert CCMP Founder / Senior Research Scientst
Larsen, Peter Senior Research Scientist
Yentsch, Clarice Bigelow Laboratory Co-founder / Senior Research Scientist

Administrative Staff

Name Title Extension Email (
Curtis, Laurie Facilities -- --
Cutshall, Jennifer Chief Advancement Officer -- jcutshall
Dunham, Casey DevOps / SecOps Engineer 156 cdunham
Fuchs, Aaron Director of Finance and Administration 101 afuchs
Getrich, Marty Laboratory Manager 108 mgetrich
Gordon, Fiona Advancement Officer 106 fgordon
Grover, Alyson Administrative Assistant 104 agrover
Knowlton, Kim Facilities -- kknowlton
Koch, John Accountant 109 jkoch
McKown, John Grants Manager 110 jmckown
Paquin, Nathan Chief Information Officer 117 npaquin
Pinkham, Tim Facilities Technician  105 tpinkham
Reinecke, Victoria
Human Resources Officer
111 vreinecke
Rigaud, Chris
Dive Safety Officer
-- crigaud
Russell, Kim Max
-- krussell
Shephard, Pamela Librarian 114 library
Shimmield, Graham
Executive Director /
115 gshimmield
Trew Crist, Darlene Communications Director 103 dtcrist
Wilson, Dana Donor Relations and Campaign Manager 112 dwilson
Wood, Mary
Accounts Payable /
116 mwood
Young, Valerie
Corporate Secretary
Executive Assistant / Education Coordinator
107 vyoung