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News for January 19, 2012

Major NSF Grant Will Fund Research on the Microbial World of Seamounts

Senior Research Scientist David Emerson has received a $603,631 grant from the National Science Foundation for a 3-year project to investigate the microbial ecosystems of iron-rich hydrothermal vents in the deep ocean. The project will examine factors that determine the structure of ancient microbial communities associated with underwater volcanoes. Understanding these microbes will help researchers discover how bacteria influence the planet’s biogeochemical cycles, their role in the changing environments of the Earth’s past, and how these life forms may be used as microscopic machines for a range of applications in the future.

Iron-oxidizing Mariprofundus ferrooxydans bacteria from Loihi Seamount off the coast of Hawaii. Photo by David Emerson.

Results from the Patagonian Shelf Expedition

The Marine Ecology Progress Series journal has featured a paper by Alex Poulton (of the National Oceanography Centre in Southhampton, UK) and co-authored by Senior Research Scientist Barney Balch as the lead story in its December 20, 2011 issue (vol. 443:1-17, 2011). “Biometry of detached Emiliania huxleyi coccoliths along the Patagionan Shelf” describes the results of an expedition led by Balch to the Southern Hemisphere in December 2008. Researchers examined the associations of E. huxleyi, an abundant species of calcifying phytoplankton (and one of the major producers and exporters of calcium carbonate in the ocean) with nutrients, temperature, light, and ocean acidity. They also describe the presence of several distinct variants of the species that are found in different water masses, illustrating that the ecology of this globally-important plant is more complex than previously thought. Other co-authors of the paper are Jeremy R. Young, from University College London; and Nicholas R. Bates from the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Scanning electron micrograph of coccoliths and coccospheres of Emiliania huxleyi Morphotypes A (orange) and B/C (blue), which have different coccolith calcite contents. Image by Helen Smith, National Oceanography Centre.

Thank You for the Incredible
Wave of Support! You did it!

Photo by Jeff Lawrence.

Bigelow Laboratory’s generous supporters have met the $50,000 Annual Fund challenge made last fall by Bigelow trustee Bob Healing and his wife Marge. By December 27, more than 93 donors met the $50,000 challenge with new or increased gifts to the Annual Fund.

But the good news continues—after reaching the challenge, a remarkable number of new and increased gifts kept coming in.?The Healings were so impressed that they extended their challenge by providing an additional $25,000 to match additional qualifying gifts.

Thanks to the tremendous response of our dedicated donors, the Laboratory raised over $296,000 for its Annual Fund between July 1 and December 31—an enormous increase over last year. As 2012 begins, additional challenge funds are still available to be matched by new and increased gifts before June 30. If you haven’t been part of the Healing Challenge yet, it’s not too late!

These increased funds will support transformational initiatives to expand our leading edge, twenty-first century ocean science institution in Maine. They will help ensure the Laboratory’s status as a highly respected player in the world oceanographic research community, contribute to Maine’s growing innovation economy, create jobs, and help harness the ocean’s enormous potential to benefit society.

All Healing Challenge participants will be welcomed to a special reception at the new facilities in East Boothbay this summer.

Thanks to you, Bigelow Laboratory’s future looks brighter than ever!

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2012 Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program Application Period Begins

Photo by Rebecca Fowler.

The Laboratory’s intensive, ten-week residency program Gulf of Maine and the World Ocean is scheduled to run from June 3 to August 10, 2012, and is open to undergraduates from the United States interested in conducting independent research with guidance from a scientist mentor. Applications are being accepted from January 15 to March 1, 2012. Eight undergraduates will be selected for the 2012 program, and will receive a stipend, free housing, food allowance, and funds for travel to and from Bigelow Laboratory. For more information, visit the Laboratory’s REU webpage.

First Day Walk: Perfect Weather and a Big Crowd

Photo by Joyce McBeth.

Over 80 people from the Boothbay peninsula and surrounding mid-coast Maine communities participated in Boothbay Region Land Trust’s (BRLT) January 1, 2012 hike (above) from Barrett’s Park in Boothbay Harbor to the Laboratory’s new East Boothbay campus. The hike was led by BRLT volunteer Rupert Neily, and culminated in refreshments in lobby of the newly completed Bigelow Center for Blue Biotechnology (below), the first wing of the Laboratory’s Ocean Science and Education Campus.

Photo by Mike Pander.

Calling Bigelow Laboratory
The start of our move to the new Ocean Science and Education Campus last month was also the beginning of a new telephone system for the Laboratory. As of a week ago, our new main phone number became (202) 747-3255. The new fax number is (202) 747-3257. All staff members have been assigned individual extension numbers; a directory of these (to connect directly to a person or to voicemail) may be accessed through the main number. For callers in Maine, the 202 area code + number is not a long distance call. Talk to you soon!

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Photo by Rebecca Fowler.

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